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Jan. 7th, 2020


OOC: Generic Comment and Criticism post

[enter complaints about the mun, paper crane requests, relationship stuff and such here. Screened, will uncover if you want to~]

Current relationships/opinions of other characters:
Raspberyl: As the number one loyal servant, Asuka of course idolizes Raspberyl
Redcloak: Asuka thinks that he is a venerable servant of the community...not an evil goblin.
Izuna: Asuka considers her a badass role model for the time being, since she seems to be a heroine.
Mao: Honor student, and rival of Raspberyl, but since Mao accepted the power of friendshipthe cosmos, she considers him okay.
Master Big Star: A demon who seems to hold friendship as valuable, which puts him above most honor students. Asuka tinks that he'd do a fine delinquent, even though of course he'd not even manage to be close to the delinquentness of Raspberyl.

Oct. 30th, 2009


Trick or treat event

A bucket of candy.

I get it! Baal must clearly be trying to reform himself, and wants us to spread happiness in his name. I will gladly do so!

Hm...I definitely should add my own healthy snacks to it. Maybe I should also hand out carrots, apples, and toothpaste. That's a good idea!

Aug. 28th, 2009



Please stop picking on the fairies. I realize that their numbers are large, and that they are somewhat inconvenient, but please, show mercy. I am sure they do not mean any haaa-

*dodges several huge orbs of firy doom fired by an enthusiastic fairy squad*

aaarm, and that the hostilities they show are mostly caused by a misunderstanding of our intentions on their part. If we keep attacking them, we can never solve this needless battle-


*Asuka dives behind a corner, which is quickly turned into swiss cheese by a squad of four fairies passing by*

Ahem. Either way, please leave the fairies alone!

Aug. 24th, 2009


(no subject)

See! I told you it'd be a place for refreshments and to cool down. Granted, it has less fans than I assumed it would, but the general principle is staying the same!

Also, what's up with the poor fairies? They seem to think I attacked them? Oh my...

*Asuka is continuing to try to give a fairy a paper crane. The fairy, meanwhile, continues to shoot bullets at her, which Asuka barely dodges*

Aug. 12th, 2009


Delinquent duty!

So, my duty is with "Patti". I wonder where she is. Hm, maybe the room list will be helpful!

*Asuka is happily searching the castle for a certain abuser of imaginary giraffes*

Jul. 19th, 2009


What has science done NOW?

Hm. Something feels strange.

...I'm sure the bed wasn't always that big. Oh, hello Asuka. Why, hello other-Asuka. Hm. I'm sure I wasn't always three-

Wait a moment!

*Asuka is no more! Instead, we have three mini-Asukas, who are looking at each other in a highly confused way*

Now this might be a problem! Oh my!

[You can find three mini Asukas in many delinquent activities anywhere over the castle, for example cleaning (one polishes statues, one moves the broom, one dries things up) and others. Think helpful fairies, minus the fairies, plus three delinquents. Whatever the demonic experiment was supposed to be, tripling her delinquent potential might NOT have been the prefered goal.

As of now, they might also be cheering on you when you do something (semi) heroic, since they have obtained cheerleader outfits from Kyoko, which they might use when not cleaning the castle or helping prinnies!]

Jul. 15th, 2009


(no subject)


Kyoko, you really got to tell me how you wear this dress sometimes. It feels as if...falling out....

Why am I wearing Kyoko's clothing anyway? And where are my proper clothes?
All I did was late-night studying after saving a few prinnies from being used in a baseball game.

Hmm. Wonder what this is about, this must be an event of some sorts!

Jun. 2nd, 2009


(no subject)

After witnessing the terrible events that have chilled the netherworld to the core, I volunteer to help out everyone who is suffering from the cold by handing out free blankets!

I knit them myself, and while my knitting is an abominable failure compared to that of my fellow delinquent Kyoko, I'm sure the 100% Corpse Hair wool(TM) fabric will keep you all warm without strangulating you in your sleep!

(the blankets are warm, however, their color choice is questionable, the pattern sucks, and the quality is not very high, either)

May. 5th, 2009



Ah, this is nice. Finally, the council decided to volunteer. This is wonderful!It should help raising spirits quite a bit. If only people would stop to attack the poor innocent Pinatas...

...And the tacos actually taste well, too! I think I *like* eating tacos.

Apr. 28th, 2009



Everything has gone quiet. I am sure this is because this situation has depressed all of us, which is very understandable.

However, it cannot go on like this. Therefore, I propose a party! We could hold one, and cheer up! I'm sure we could gather a lot of non-alcoholic drinks, and get some music - at a reasonable volume, but that goes without saying. We could take one of the halls and kindly ask the demons to lend it to us for a night.

This should would work to raise our spirits some, and to show Baal the true power of our newly found friendship!

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